What We Do

One on One Mentoring

RUSH supports local high schools by placing a significant role model in a young person’s life. It is weekly one on one, out of school mentoring. The volunteer mentor supports the young person with social, emotional and in some cases academic support so that they can achieve their full potential. They are dedicated men and women aged over 18 years old from all walks of life. They are willing to build a relationship of trust and will encourage young people to achieve their personal best whilst providing support to negotiate life’s challenges.The RUSH model is based on a partnership between the schools, the student and their family and the community.


Other RUSH Programs

  • Motivational & Positive Choice Seminars

    In these seminars motivational speakers address whole school years on building resilience and self-esteem in their lives. These seminars fit with the Welfare Department’s curriculum.

  • Resilience – Building & Life Skills Based Programs

    This is an 8 week programme that builds the resilience and skills of young girls to encourage them to make positive life choices.

  • ASPIRE Leadership Seminar

    Aspire Leadership Program is an 8 week leadership workshop for students identified by their school as having leadership potential.

  • ASPIRE Today Competition

    This competition is about building on the aspirations of today’s students for tomorrow; elevating and focusing their aspirations towards achieving a seat of Influence tomorrow.
    Download the 2014 ASPIRE Awards Report By Rick Prosser

  • Camps

    RUSH Camps accelerate the mentoring experience for both mentors and mentees, common experience creates common ground.
    Download the 2014 Camp Report by Sue Prosser

  • Mentor & Mentee Activities

    Quarterly activities strengthen the mentor relationship through shared experience & have included trips to Luna park, Boating and BBQ & Tennis.